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We followed the route of “the Three Subjects of Anasrava for study and practice”, thanks to living correctly in accordance with the precepts of conducts and the precepts of virtues and practicing correctly the methods taught by the Buddha, since then, we have been living with “the morality which is based on the law of cause-and-effect, not bringing suffering to oneself and to others”. Because we have not created suffering to ourselves and to others, we clearly see that our minds have “abandoned desire and evilness”. Having abandoned desire and evilness, we have mastered our life, thus we were well aware of the body and mind and had a life of liberation, peace, bliss and carefreeness.
By The Venerable Thich Thong Lac

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Trưởng lão Thích Thông Lạc

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Buddhism came into life in order to bring human beings the morality of liberation. The questions and answers will shed light again on the method of Buddhism and re-establish the morality of not creating suffering to oneself and to others which has not been mentioned and known by anyone for 25 centuries. The questions and answers will help you to keep the precepts seriously by the way of instructing the methods of practice specifically and practically for you to practice to live the life of morality and standard conducts and to have the life of not creating suffering to yourselves and to others in happiness, peace and carefreeness.

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About the questions and answers regarding the practice path in the set of books “Way Back To The Buddha’s Place” that you have read, you should not hastily believe them, instead you should contemplate carefully, if the books point out the things of immorality and in your contemplation and examination, you really see that these things of immorality are truly immoral, the wrong arguments are truly wrong, the practice of liberation truly brings liberation, the things of superstition and backwardness are truly superstitious and backward, then you believe. Otherwise, you should not believe as we are also humans like you.
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“From now on, in the part of questions and answers regarding the practice, in order to answer each question, we will expound it in the form of a discourse, frankly pointing out which methods are of Buddhism and which methods are not of Buddhism with concrete and verifiable evidence through the Original suttas of the Buddha, so that you can avoid heresy who claims that its methods are of Buddhism.” (By The Venerable Thich Thong Lac, translated by Tam Nhu)

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Cảm ơn chị Tâm Như đã dành công sức dịch bộ sách Đường Về Xứ Phật sang tiếng Anh, thật là công phu và tâm huyết!



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