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About the questions and answers regarding the practice path in the set of books “Way Back To The Buddha’s Place” that you have read, you should not hastily believe them, instead you should contemplate carefully, if the books point out the things of immorality and in your contemplation and examination, you really see that these things of immorality are truly immoral, the wrong arguments are truly wrong, the practice of liberation truly brings liberation, the things of superstition and backwardness are truly superstitious and backward, then you believe. Otherwise, you should not believe as we are also humans like you.
Trưởng lão Thích Thông Lạc

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Trưởng lão Thích Thông Lạc

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Way Back To The Buddha’s Place – Volume 3

Trưởng lão Thích Thông Lạc

Tâm Như

As practitioners of Buddhist concentrations, we ourselves have directly searched for metaphysical world in order to see, hear and perceive it, thus we know where these phenomena come from. Therefore, we strongly confirm: “Metaphysical world does not exist, it is just the power of the consciousness of imagination of each living person creating, but the dead do not have anything left”. In the past, when the crown prince Siddhattha practiced and became Buddha, He did ascertain: “Metaphysical world is the world of the knowledge of imagination”.

Way Back To The Buddha’s Place – Volume 2

Trưởng lão Thích Thông Lạc

Tâm Như

The true method of Buddhism always gets straight to the points, tells the truth, teaches the specific, practical and clear practicing methods such as: “Prevent the evilness, eliminate the evilness, give rise to the goodness, develop the goodness” or “Not to perform evil deeds, instead perform good deeds”. Therefore, the method of the Buddha never tells untrue things, it always teaches things in accordance with the morality of humanity which is based on the law of cause-and-effect and considers humans as its centre for development, so that people have clear understanding and they themselves correct the mistakes and the deeds which are not in compliance with the morality to be true Humans, to be Holy ones.
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08:23 10 Th4 2022

“Thanks to the questions and answers regarding the practice path, we go beyond the dark cloud of heretical methods which has been shrouding the methods of Buddhism for many centuries.” (By The Venerble Elder Thich Thong Lac, translated by Tam Nhu)

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08:20 10 Th4 2022

Bản dịch tiếng Anh, Đường Về Xứ Phật – Tập 4, của dịch giả Tâm Như thật công phu.



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