Thứ hai, 13 Tháng 1 2020 17:29

Way Back To The Buddha's Place - Volume 03

The publication of “Way Back to the Buddha’s Place” volume 3 will straightforwardly show you the truth about the metaphysical world, human beings from the past to present, from the East to the West, from the South to the North and all religions on this planet except Buddhism have accepted the existence of metaphysical world. Is the metaphysical world real? Please read “Way Back to the Buddha’s Place” volume 3 and you will know.

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Thứ tư, 02 Tháng 5 2018 14:23

Soul Does Not Exist

Soul is a matter that needs to be ascertained and clarified, so that everyone will no longer have the blind and backward faith as from the past to today. Soul is a word indicating the abstract and metaphysical states that often happen in people’s life and human consciousness of mind could not comprehend. When the Buddha had accomplished his practice and attained full enlightenment, He announced: “Thirty three heaven realms are the knowledge of imagination instead of the thorough/true knowledge!”. This teaching coincides with our observation and thus we dare to confirm “Soul does not exist” to help people to free themselves from vague and abstract knowledge, blind faith, superstition and backwardness. Though we confirm soul does not exist, it is up to you to believe or not, ...

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