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Soul Does Not Exist

Được viết bởi

Soul is a matter that needs to be ascertained and clarified, so that everyone will no longer have the blind and backward faith as from the past to today. Soul is a word indicating the abstract and metaphysical states that often happen in people’s life and human consciousness of mind could not comprehend. When the Buddha had accomplished his practice and attained full enlightenment, He announced: “Thirty three heaven realms are the knowledge of imagination instead of the thorough/true knowledge!”. This teaching coincides with our observation and thus we dare to confirm “Soul does not exist” to help people to free themselves from vague and abstract knowledge, blind faith, superstition and backwardness. Though we confirm soul does not exist, it is up to you to believe or not, ...

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  • Paper size (khổ giấy): 13 x 20.5 cm
  • Page count: 154
  • Translated date: 1/2018
  • Language: English
  • Document type: Published book (sách xuất bản)
  • Document source

  • Name: Linh Hồn Không Có
  • Author

  • Name: The Venerable Elder Thich Thong Lac
  • Introduction: The Venerable Elder Thich Thong Lac, having attained full enlightenment to master life - aging - sickness - death, has re-established the right method of the Sakyamuni Buddha, turning on the light of the moral foundation which is based on the causality law, having mankind as its core for development, helping people to live without creating sufferings for themselves, for other people and for all living beings.
  • Translator

  • Name: Tam Nhu
  • Introdution: As a disciple of the Sakyamuni Buddha and the Venerable Elder Thich Thong Lac, the translator sees that this book is of utmost importance for anyone who has set one’s mind on the path of practice to seek liberation. Therefore, though with limited first-hand experience in practice as well as limited linguistic ability, the translator has made an effort to translate this book from Vietnamese into English. The translator would like to wholeheartedly thank all the kind-hearted and enthusiastic friends for their great supports during the translation of this book. Though we have made every effort for the translation, there are always chances for further correction and this translation is still open for further improvement. Therefore, all of you are most welcomed to send us your constructive comments and recommendations.
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  • Storage information

  • Code: ENV-01302000
  • File name: (ENV-01302000)-SoulDoesNotExist.pdf
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