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Thứ năm, 25 Tháng 3 2021 20:13

Way Back To The Buddha's Place - Volume 05

Được viết bởi BBT

We provide the straightforward answers because human beings on this planet are in need of a moral foundation “which is based on the law of cause-and-effect and considers humans as its centre for development, of living without creating suffering to oneself and to others”. In this life, only Buddhism has such a moral foundation of fairness, justice and correctness.

Thứ năm, 20 Tháng 8 2020 19:52

Way Back To The Buddha's Place - Volume 04

Được viết bởi BBT

When a practitioner practices but does not study, it is the blind practice, when a person studies but does not practice, the person is like a bookcase of canons”. A practitioner studies but does not consult the first-hand experience of the good knowledgeable advisor and relies on one’s own opinions and understanding for self-practice, it is similar to a person getting lost in the deep forest and not knowing the way out. Therefore, in the practice following Buddhism, if there is no consulting and no study to understand thoroughly the teachings and methods for practice, then hundreds of thousands of people will wrongly practice, the practice will not reach the final result and is worthless.

Thứ hai, 13 Tháng 1 2020 17:29

Way Back To The Buddha's Place - Volume 03

Được viết bởi BBT

The publication of “Way Back to the Buddha’s Place” volume 3 will straightforwardly show you the truth about the metaphysical world, human beings from the past to present, from the East to the West, from the South to the North and all religions on this planet except Buddhism have accepted the existence of metaphysical world. Is the metaphysical world real? Please read “Way Back to the Buddha’s Place” volume 3 and you will know.

Thứ ba, 14 Tháng 5 2019 22:49

Way Back To The Buddha's Place - Volume 02

Được viết bởi BBT

The true method of Buddhism always gets straight to the points, tells the truth, teaches the specific, practical and clear practicing methods such as: “Prevent the evilness, eliminate the evilness, give rise to the goodness, develop the goodness” or “Not to perform evil deeds, instead perform good deeds”. Therefore, the method of the Buddha never tells untrue things, it always teaches things in accordance with the morality of humanity which is based on the law of cause-and-effect and considers humans as its centre for development, so that people have clear understanding and they themselves correct the mistakes and the deeds which are not in compliance with the morality to be true Humans, to be Holy ones... 

Thứ bảy, 08 Tháng 12 2018 20:46

Way Back To The Buddha's Place - Volume 01

Được viết bởi BBT

If the teaching of a religion can be verified by science, such teaching is the moral foundation of human beings which is based on the causality law and regards humans as its centre for development; but if the teaching of a religion cannot be verified by science, such teaching is ambiguous, abstract, superstitious to lull human beings like a dose of tranquillizers. Dear all! Buddhism is the religion that has the moral foundation of mankind which is based on the causality law and considers humans as its centre for development, such moral foundation will help human beings to establish for themselves a life of Heaven and Utmost Happiness in this world. Therefore, we are not allowed to bury it again, ...

Thứ tư, 02 Tháng 5 2018 14:23

Soul Does Not Exist

Được viết bởi BBT

Soul is a matter that needs to be ascertained and clarified, so that everyone will no longer have the blind and backward faith as from the past to today. Soul is a word indicating the abstract and metaphysical states that often happen in people’s life and human consciousness of mind could not comprehend. When the Buddha had accomplished his practice and attained full enlightenment, He announced: “Thirty three heaven realms are the knowledge of imagination instead of the thorough/true knowledge!”. This teaching coincides with our observation and thus we dare to confirm “Soul does not exist” to help people to free themselves from vague and abstract knowledge, blind faith, superstition and backwardness. Though we confirm soul does not exist, it is up to you to believe or not, ...

Thứ sáu, 29 Tháng 4 2016 07:23

Ten Precepts Of Virtues Of Samanera

Được viết bởi BBT

These precepts are the moral culture of humanity, they are not exclusive for Buddhist monks/nuns, they are the common assets of all mankind. It is because they are the moral foundation which is based on causality law, having human beings as its core, and helping people to live without creating sufferings for themselves, for others and for all living beings. So as a human being, one should study, gain knowledge, train oneself and accordingly become a worthy human being, a disciple of the Buddha, and later on will deserve to hold the torch of the right method of Buddhism spreading the light to others. In case of not being able to keep these ten precepts of Holy virtues and conducts, please kindly do not leave home to enter monkhood, do not follow Buddhism...

Thứ tư, 27 Tháng 1 2016 15:48

Outline of the Truth of the Way leading to Cessation of Suffering

Được viết bởi BBT

The Fourth Truth has been lectured and explained by scholars in the past and at present, however, in a false way and such falseness is so much that it has made this Truth deviate from its true meaning. As a result, readers and listeners think that it is a method for practice without knowing that it is the name of classes. It is probably because those scholars did not comprehend the meaning of this Truth and thus their teachings has turned this truth into a practicing method as above mentioned. They have turned this truth into untruth.  They’ve had no idea that the first discourse of the Buddha is about the four truths of all mankind rather than a practicing method. They have been so wrong to consider the name of classes as a lesson. 

Thứ sáu, 18 Tháng 12 2015 09:17

Three Jewels and Five Precepts of Buddhism

Được viết bởi BBT

Before listening to the teachings of the religion that you consider to follow, you should find a Master, not one with a Master’s degree but one who has been following strict moral principles and never violated even a minimal precept throughout his entire religious life. Such a Master is the fully awakened one who will be able to guide your Buddhism study in a correct way. And once the religion that you select is in accordance with your heartfelt wishes, it shall bring practical benefits to you in your life journey to your true religion.